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Your Gone But Not Forgotten

I can still hear you laugh, see those little devils dance in your eyes. You were here just yesterday, today you are gone forever everyone whose life you touched will never be the same.

We lost a dear friend, my son had say goodbye to his godfather. Although you gone now, you will never be forgotten.

Oscar Pritorius The Trial of The Century

Its without a doubt been the trial of the century. Live media coverage right from the court. Which at first when I first read about the murder it was obvious there could be no other way Oscar is guilty and like every one else justice for Reva is what we wanted.

Thirty one days into the trial I'm so confused with all the technicalities, most of the evidence totally irrelevant. However; I don't believe Oscar should go to jail. Although he did pull the trigger he is already serving a life long sentence. His life and career is ruined.

Its sad what happened and it should never have happened. But it did, two people died on that faithful day. Its time to close the chapter.

Oscar Pritoruis Murder Trial

What really happened on that night when Oscar Pritoruis shot and killed his model girlfriend Reva Steenkamp.

The witnesses who has given testimony's has cast a shadow on what really happened that night.

We can only speculate on the limited information that has been given to the public.

The whole story that Oscar mistook Reva as an intruder has from the beginning sounded a bit too far fetch and hard to believe I'm sure he could have come up with a more original story.

There is allot of information being withheld. Where there is drugs involved insanity will follow.

Childhood Is The Kingdom Where Nobody Dies

There's no words that can truelly express how the four year old girl Jasmin's rape and murder has effected the small Afrikaans community of Brakpan.

When Jasmin's body was found, eleven hours after she was reported missing the news spread like wild fire through the streets, houses and flats of Brakpan.

Jasmin's light will burn in everyone's hearts forever. Justice is what this community wants, forgiveness will come in time.


Who's the Good Guys

When the bad guys are running lose, school children as young as as ten are kept behind for "detention" by their teacher with the intent to rape his student.
The good guys are being bribe to look the other way in low profile cases, where victims are hijacked and woman rapped and their bodies dumped.
A gun does not give you the power, it's a brief moment of glory.
Serve and protect the community which you took an oath to uphold the piece.

FaceBook Is Out Of Control

When a social network allows it's members to use their network as a plantform to harm someone else;
Not just their credibility is at question but how much control do they have on what is being posted on their site by the public.

This was recently proofed when someone posted a story about another Face Book member
making accusations which has no credibility and threatening to cause this member bodily harm.

Not only has this post caused this member's reputation to be dragged through the mud, it was done in the most distastfull manner.

This member reported the matter to Face Book, but according to them no rules where broken.

What do they define as clear guidelines,
What measures do they have in place to protect it's members from a public spectable.

Face Book is out of control, this incident should have never been allowed.
Members should be protected from such incidents.

The Darkest Hour

The darkest hour is just before dawn, though supposingly to be a phrase used to give you courage.

But what happened to the two little todlers age two and three from Diepsloot in South Africa in theire darkest hour.

When dawn broke the two little girls body's was found dumped in a public cubicle, they where rapped and there tiny bodies mutilated.

We can only imagine the fear they felt, the pain they experienced.

They where only babies, their lifes have not even began yet. What type of a human being would commit such a hidious crime.

The Face of Evil

I am proudly South African, I have always been and will always be.
South Africa is my home even with the esculating crime, which seems to get more brutal, I still remained hopefull and postive.
"Better the devil you know"

My whole perspective on how little value people have for another human's life changed when I witnessed a person being brutally shot, executed as he was fleeing from the shooter.

I had to face death, to my open my eyes and realize that "i dont know where the devil is". We live in a country where the brutallity and reality of crime no-one can escape.

Letting go and moving on

Photo's are the memories which you choose to carry with you;
Some of the photo's we carry with us are beautiful;
Others are not so beautiful;
And then there's the in between photo's which for some or other reason we choose not to carry with us.

There comes a time in our lives when when we have to choose
Which photos we want to keep and which ones we must throw away to make way for new one's.

The photos we choose to carry with us will determine our future;
Who we are.
For years I was haunted by dark painful memories;
Only now do I realize that these negative framed photographs I carried with me has only caused me so much pain and suffering;
Emotional baggage that served no purpose.

Choosinsing which photos to throw away
Has been a painful process.
But living in the past has caused me far more suffering;
its time to let go and move on.

Survivors of Rapes

Living in a country with the highests rape stastic in the world, we read about it but we count ourselves lucky not to be amongst the stastics
The horrific stories each one a surfivor
Some are not so lucky and they pay with there lives
May we never forget those whom have survived a rape was brave enough to come forward and report it
And also remember the victims who paid with there live

Honor the Victims of Sandy Hook: From Moment of Silence to Moment of Action


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